About Us

What we are: ‘Design and Execution” thats how Dexecute art came into existence. At “Dexecute art” we provides an exploration to think out of the box and you may see your thoughts are becoming reality. We don’t just customise artifacts with our own imaginations, but we let the client think something different that keeps them even more connected towards their product which helps them to be even more familiar towards their space whether it’s interior or exterior. Also, we treat our client as a visionary and implement their vision in the final product. Our Retail presence tells all, E-commerce like AMAZON, FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL, Jio Mart, WOODENSTREET and our own ARTACT.IN  caters to mass people and provide a exquisite range of Wall Décor, Accent Furniture and Table Décor at unbelievable prices. For us, well Execution of Design is not the only sculpture of a known material but it can be any art genre like ie. sculptures, paintings, wall art, lighting or anything which enrich the look and feel of one space. Also, we don’t constrain to ourselves with one material only, but we do operations on different materials so that we can take them in our production to create anything new, unique and beautiful.
Why Dexecute art:
-Enhance spaces of residential, corporate, as well as hotels with the reflection of different genre of art.
– Research and promote various forms which reflect art.
– Promote numerous budget-centric base materials.
– Our objective is to consult you about a different use of one product or material which beautifies the space in every genre.
– Promote new artists by providing them with a stage to work and exhibit their inner skills.
Our Retail presence as a Brand “artact” spread breath-taking experience to our E-commerce client, over a period of 2 years ArtAct manage to fulfil its E-com buyers dreams with Great Design at best prices with over 3000 orders in first year of launching and over 4000 orders in this and still counting.

How We Do: “Dexecute Art” provides complete solutions ranging from consultation, design proposal and Implementing the thoughts into reality by execution.Our team emphasis each and every stage of the production and try to engage the client with it so that changes can be done as per desideration On consultation stage, we analyse the requirement of the client and need of the space. To meet these requirements we propose the ideas of designs then after adding changes as per client taste, we went to the budget assessment process in which we work on the different material and process of the production part to meet the client need within the budget limit. Then we went up to the production process during which we share images of the product at different stages with the client so that changes can be done time to time. And after assessing the complete satisfaction of the client we deliver the product, we at Dexecute Art always taking care of the quality of the product and complete satisfaction of our client, Over a period of 7 Years of Artact presence, we have caters to our pleasured clients in hospitality, from 3 star to 5 star as a Brand “artact” Dexecute Art spread It’s impact on our Repeat client with it’s Beautiful yet cost efficient deals.

How we serve: “WE RESPECT AND SUPPORT ART” India is rich with ancient art and artisans, these skills are at a stage of lost due to mordenisation, Our proficient team work with such artisans and provide them a stage to not only showcase their skills but to support them in getting recognistion, at Dexecute Art” a well execution of Modern Design with Ancient skill makes it more unique and vogue. we provides the valued skill to each and every project. We work with our in-house designers, artists, artisans and expert’s team who work to interpret the theme given by the client and develop it according to the need and taste of the client and space requirement and come up with a creative yet attractive solution for it. We ensure to have a team that fits well with the vision, communication and thought process of the firm. Training and motivation are the factors which are looked upon with utmost importance. Our analysis of each new project leads to a stimulating challenge to which we apply our skills. We enhance the challenge to understanding the client’s needs, budget and goals in order to provide best possible solutions. “Dexecute Art” works as a team of visualizer and craftsmen to turn out imagination into reality according to the prerequisite conditions.

Art Genre: “At Dexecute Art we have a different kind of genre on which it has the expertise to show another face of art in a very unconventional way.
Wall Art: In our section “wall art” we design art that enhance beauty of your interior wall. Wall art not only includes wall painting but we do fabricate art for wall also. In this section we inculcate 2D and 3D painting, Customised art prints, Hand painted artworks, relief technique, art with wall mirrors, wall sculptures and anything that can be done to glorify the wall beauty of an interior area to serve eternal peace in this hustling world.
Customised Art: We also do customization in art products according to client’s demand. This infuses sculptures, art installations in every art genre which either will be designed by the concept or shall be executed as per client requirement.
Original Paintings/Art Pieces: We also do customization in art products according to client’s demand. This infuses sculptures, art installations in every art genre which either will be designed by the concept or shall be executed as per client requirement.

Home Accessories/ Interior Décor
-Lights: In our section named “Lights”, we furnish a luxurious as well as an exclusive range of lighting solution that emits to your interior as well as exterior with a new aura. In this section, we evolve ourselves to bring completely new and different solutions in lighting. These are innovative as well as costeffective.
-Accent Furniture: Accent Furniture showcases innovative yet utility base furniture, which complements one space yet added an elegant look. Customised Side Table that compliments to one sitting area, an elegant console that beautifies a wall, Interesting centre / coffee table add a different spark to a space that all what an interior / a house always wanted.
-Featured Décor: Featured Decor ie. a vase on the table, a bookend on the book rack or anywhere in the corner, add a little quirkiness to the interior, where it complements the whole setup yet it makes it a complete story. At Dexecute Art we not only customise such quirky pieces that add a new story to one’s interior or exterior area but we also provide a unique dimension which offers a range of peaceful environment in one’s life.