Sensational Circle Of Nature With Antique Gold Leaves

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  • 100% Made In India.
  • Product Dimension  460mm X 430mm X 30mm.
  • No Maintenance.
  • Dust with clean and dry cloth/Brush only.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on it.
  • High Gloss Lacquer finish done on it for extra shine.
  • Made with high grade metal.
  • With SST features (Sasta, Sundar, Tikau).
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Buy metal wall art best in range 

Place it in a central location. This type of wall art is a statement piece, so it’s best to place it in a central location where it can be admired by everyone. A good option is above a fireplace, sofa, or bed.

Use it to create a focal point. If you have a large or empty wall, leafy labyrinth wall art can be used to create a focal point. Simply hang it in the center of the wall and let it take center stage.

Pair it with other metallic accents. The gold antique finish on the wall art will look great paired with other metallic accents in your room, such as a brass chandelier, copper table lamp, or silver mirror.

Add some greenery. To complement the leafy design of the wall art, add some greenery to your room, such as a potted plant, hanging succulent, or wreath.

Choose a complementary color scheme. The gold antique finish on the wall art is versatile and can be paired with a variety of color schemes. However, for a cohesive look, choose a color scheme that complements the other elements in your room.  

Here are some specific ideas for how to use leafy labyrinth wall art with gold antique finish on metal in different rooms of your home:

Living room: Hang the wall art above your fireplace or sofa to create a focal point. Pair it with other metallic accents and greenery for a cohesive look.

Bedroom: Hang the wall art above your bed for a luxurious touch. Pair it with gold bedding and nightstands for a glamorous look.

Dining room: Hang the wall art above your dining table for a sophisticated look. Pair it with gold flatware and chargers for an elegant table setting.

Entryway: Hang the wall art on the wall opposite your front door to make a grand entrance. Pair it with a gold mirror and console table for a welcoming space.

No matter where you choose to hang it, leafy labyrinth wall art by artact with gold antique finish on metal is sure to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your home.

Buy metal Wall art as per zodiac (Rashi)  

Golden Triple Circles With Birds And Leaves  wall art, with its brown color, is a perfect match for Cancer and Capricorn.

Ethically Sourced Material India Art

We ethically source materials in India, creating sustainable artwork and employing processes to prevent environmental decay.

Furthermore, we thoroughly test the product’s utility, longevity, and strength in various spaces. As a result, we achieve a modern, nature-inspired aesthetic.

We are pleased to introduce a blog post designed for art lovers seeking knowledge and inspiration. Please visit and share your valuable comment

Who we are

Artact, a renowned brand in consulting art for Hospitality Industry, has catered from 3 star to 5 star hotel brands by fulfilling their art desires. for more detail you can visit

At Artact, we believe that art is the journey for a free soul, after dealing artworks to an exclusive market.

We believe that everything in the world is a creation of an amazing artist, where every thought and every emotion is unique and can be presented by anyone. So, why not make art work for all?

Therefore, we bring a wide range of artworks to serve people through E-commerce. We achieve this through a self-run campaign called “Art for All.”


Additional information

Weight835 g
Dimensions46 × 43 × 3 cm

Antique Gold




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